Euro 5 SITRAK G7H Dump Truck

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Euro 5 SITRAK G7H Dump Truck

February 6, 2023 PRUDUCT 0


Truck Type:Used dump truck Driving Mode:8×4
Mileages:33000KM Truck Brand:Sinotruk
Horsepower:400HP Year:2018
Emission Standards:Euro5 Color:Red
Cargo Compartment Size:5800mm Tire Specifications:12.00R20

We are pleased to offer you this SITRAK G7H Sinotruk dump truck. It has an opening rear door, which enables loading and unloading of bulk materials like bricks, sand, gravel and other heavy loads into the cargo compartment. The tri axle dump truck features low speed ride control system, which is capable of controlling the vehicle even at speeds under 7 mph. With its powerful engine and excellent performance in heavy-duty applications it is an attractive truck that can be used for many years more.

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The power steering system equipped with sedan function adapted to complex traffic conditions, easy-handling characteristics, and the ability to freely rotate the steering wheel. The design of optimum steering layout and material selection of high-quality components ensure reliable operation


The driving comfort of this seat can be upgraded with a highly accurate control stick. The ergonomically optimized shock-absorbing seat cushions your back and neck while you drive.


Reflect the efforts of the research, design, development and production team, this product is equipped with Yuchai, Weichai and Cummins National VI engines. Fast gearbox ensures high efficiency and stability to meet the needs of heavy transport. The new 457C rear axle offers lighter weight and good off-road ability.


Borrowing from the best of past and current technologies, we’ve created a new-generation dump truck with greater carrying capacity. It’s perfect for farm, construction and other heavy duty tasks. We invite you to take advantage of our next-generation design that delivers greater performance in light weight.


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