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Heavy Duty Truck

Heavy Duty Trucks: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty truck, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about heavy-duty trucks to help you make an informed decision. What Are Heavy Duty Trucks? Heavy-duty trucks are designed for the toughest jobs. They are known…
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March 24, 2023 0
lorry truck

Why Lorry Trucks are Crucial in Today’s Transportation Industry

Lorry trucks are versatile vehicles used for commercial transportation of goods and materials. They come in a variety of types to cater to different cargo requirements. Box trucks, for instance, have enclosed cargo areas and are ideal for transporting furniture, electronics, and other items that need protection from the weather. Flatbed trucks have a flat…
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March 8, 2023 0
caterpillar dump truck

Caterpillar Dump Truck: The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Machine for Your Construction Needs

If you’re in the construction business, then you know the importance of having reliable equipment that can handle tough job sites. One such machine that has become a staple in the industry is the Caterpillar dump truck. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes this machine a must-have for your fleet and how it can…
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February 28, 2023 0
f350 dump truck

The Best F350 dump truck and Why They’re Worth Your Buck

If you own a business or are in the construction industry, dump trucks are incredibly useful. The best f350 dump truck can help you get the work done faster and more efficiently. However, before purchasing one for your business it’s important to know which model is best for you. In this article, we’ll go over…
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February 20, 2023 0
eicher tipper

Everything You Need to Know About Eicher tipper Costs in 2023

Tipping is a process that involves the movement of a vehicle from one position to another. In the eicher tipping industry, this mainly involves transporting goods from one place to another. The eicher tipper are often lifted by cranes or forklifts for tipping out the contents at their destination. They are also designed in such…
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February 16, 2023 0
6 wheel dump truck

Stand-out Features of 6 wheel dump truck You Should Know

6 wheel dump truck are a unique type of dump truck that can be used for a variety of applications. Their most obvious advantage over regular dump trucks is their ability to carry more material at once, but they also have some other features that make them interesting. It has more wheels than a regular…
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February 14, 2023 0
7 axle dump truck

Best 7 axle dump truck and Why They’re Worth Your Buck

A 7 axle dump truck is one of the best vehicles you can have if you’re involved in construction. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a vehicle that has seven axles instead of four or six, as most standard dump trucks do. This means that it has more tires and wheels and thus…
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February 11, 2023 0
12 yard dump truck

Everything You Need to Know About 12 yard dump truck Costs

Dump trucks are one of the most common vehicles that you can find on construction sites and waste management facilities. These vehicles are used to transport large amounts of loose material, such as gravel or rubble. There are different types of dump trucks with different capacities, such as 10 yard dump trucks and 20 yard…
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February 9, 2023 0

Euro 4 Shacman M3000 used dump truck

Parameters Truck Type:Used dump truck Driving Mode:8×4 Mileages:57800KM Truck Brand:Sinotruk Horsepower:336HP Year:2015 Emission Standards:Euro4 Color:Orange Cargo Compartment Size:7400mm Tire Specifications:12.00R20 This is a Shacman M3000 8×4 336HP used dump truck, it was produced in 2015 with 57800 KMs on the clock. This custom dump truck meets Euro 4 emission standards. The engine is powerful and…
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February 8, 2023 0

Euro 5 SITRAK G7H Dump Truck

Parameters Truck Type:Used dump truck Driving Mode:8×4 Mileages:33000KM Truck Brand:Sinotruk Horsepower:400HP Year:2018 Emission Standards:Euro5 Color:Red Cargo Compartment Size:5800mm Tire Specifications:12.00R20 We are pleased to offer you this SITRAK G7H Sinotruk dump truck. It has an opening rear door, which enables loading and unloading of bulk materials like bricks, sand, gravel and other heavy loads into…
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February 6, 2023 0