6 ton tipper truck for sale

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6 ton tipper truck for sale

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6 ton tipper truck

The 6 ton tipper truck is one of the most popular models in the UK. It is also known as a 6 wheel tipper or 8 wheel tipper, depending on what model you buy. The 6 ton tipper truck has a payload capacity of 3,500kgs and can carry up to 4 tonnes of material at one time. This makes it ideal for transporting gravel, sand and dirt around construction sites or farms. The price of these vehicles varies depending on what extras come with them and the condition they are in but you should be able to purchase one for between £4k – £10k.

How much can a 6 ton tipper carry?

6 tonne truck capacity

The maximum weight of a 6 ton tipper truck is 6 tons. You can load up to 6 tons of materials in it, which will not exceed the maximum load capacity as well.

The total weight limit of this 3 axle dump truck is 12000kgs (6tons). It means that you can carry out loads up to 6000kgs without any problem. This amount should be more than enough for your daily needs such as delivering goods from one place to another or taking away waste from construction sites etc.

6 ton tipper truck

6 ton tipper truck

How much can a 6 wheel tipper carry?

6 wheel tipper truck capacity

In addition to the weight of the truck itself, you’ll need to consider how much it can carry.

A 6 wheel tipper truck can carry up to 6 tons. This can be in either one load or two separate loads, depending on whether the truck has a drop-side bed or not. A drop-side bed allows for larger loads than the standard box body does.

An 8 wheel tipper truck is able to carry up to 8 tons at once and has a larger capacity overall than its tri axle dump truck counterpart because of its longer frame; however, this extra length also makes maneuvering more difficult as well as driving at high speeds because they are heavier than 6 wheelers. The extra weight on an 8 wheeler may make it less stable when turning corners due to oversteering issues; however, if there is enough traction underfoot then these vehicles tend not have any issues with maintaining control while turning corners at higher speeds (under 50 mph). This stability combined with their increased carrying capacity means that these trucks are perfect for any job site where you need both heavy lifting capacity AND good maneuverability around tight spaces!

How much can an 8 wheel tipper carry?

8 wheel tipper truck

The 6-wheel tipper truck is more popular than the 8-wheeler, as it is cheaper to buy and run. However, there are other reasons why you should consider buying an 8-wheel tipper.

8 wheel tipper truck

8 wheel tipper truck

8-wheelers are stronger and more stable than their 6-wheeled counterparts. This means that you can carry more payloads without compromising on your vehicle’s stability or safety. They also have better traction control systems which reduce slippage during icy conditions in wintertime or on wet roads in summertime.

An 8 wheeled dump truck has many advantages over its smaller brother: it can carry up to eight tonnes at a time; they are safer and easier to operate; they have better braking systems; they provide greater stability while driving on uneven terrains due to their larger wheels; they take less effort when turning corners due to the increase in weight distribution across all four axles (instead of just two).

How to choose a best 6 ton tipper truck?

best tipper truck

When choosing a best tipper truck, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Engine capacity. The engine capacity is an important factor in deciding how much weight your truck will be able to carry. Generally speaking, it’s best to get as large an engine as possible while still staying within your budget.
  • Suspension system. The suspension system is used for handling height and keeping the truck steady over rough terrain, so make sure that this part is sturdy enough for what you plan on doing with it!
  • Power steering. This feature makes maneuvering easier and safer by reducing strain on your arms when turning at low speeds or going downhill (which can happen occasionally if you’re using your 6 ton tipper truck for construction work).
  • Brakes/tires – These two things go hand-in-hand when choosing between different vehicles; you need both good braking power without wasting too much fuel while driving around town all day long! Tires are also an important consideration because they affect safety; check out reviews online before making any decisions here!

How much does a 6 ton tipper truck cost?

tipper truck price

tipper truck price

tipper truck price

The price of a 6 ton tipper truck varies depending on the model and condition of the vehicle. However, in general, you can expect to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 for a working used 6 ton tipper truck. A good investment for small businesses that need to haul big loads but don’t want to spend too much money on their equipment.

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A 6 ton tipper truck is an ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable transportation at an affordable price.


So, a 6 ton tipper truck is an excellent choice to transport goods without any hassle. It is an economical means of transportation as well as it can be used for commercial purposes. There are many companies that sell these trucks in India at affordable prices. You can also buy them online from here.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:+0086 157-1386-6881 or [email protected]!


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